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Work responsibility

After receiving the customer's complaint 100%to solve the problem in a timely manner, follow the results of the problem handling; it is necessary to ensure that the service is in place in time according to the appointment, and the service satisfaction must be reached 100%.


1. After receiving the complaint, we cannot solve it on the phone. If necessary, we will work together to solve the problem with relevant departments within 12 hours. If we cannot resolve on the spot, we will bring bad samples back to the company's analysis, and pass the analysis results and improvement measures to customers within 72 hours, and give customers a satisfactory answer.

2. If there are questions about our products or have some technical problems, please call for a letter to consult. We will give you a satisfactory answer in time and provide you with technical support.

Quality goals (quantitative)

The company has advanced production equipment and strong technical forces, with first -class product research and development centers and testing centers, and through ISO9001: 2015 quality management system/ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system, RoHS, Reach, HF and other certifications.

Customer satisfaction\\u003e 90 points customer complaint/number of returns \\u003c3 times\\u003e 95% delivery time rate\\u003e 95%  

Competitive advantage (price, quality, service, etc.)

Soft and high cost -effective, high -quality service

Core Technology

Professional equipment, process equipment, process equipment